About Us

“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.”-Anon

Sophia grew up in sunny Southern California with a love for the ocean, watching the cycle of the tides as it danced with the phases of the moon, and tapping into intuitive and conscious living. Having been raised in a very medical-oriented family, Sophia worked with the elderly and continued her desire to help people in a way that did not involve masking the symptoms through quick fixes, but through a more holistic, preventative approach. She discovered early on through caring for the disabled and often neglected population, that compassionate touch has such a powerful and universal impact. She received her training as a Reiki Master and taught and attuned many students in eclectic Reiki and is currently a NCBTMB provider to teach Reiki to other therapists and the general public.

As a licensed Massage Therapist, Sophia approaches her therapy practice through a multi-dimensional approach, using sage, crystals, singing bowls, and energywork combined with massage per the client’s needs, making her treatments unique and customizable. Nature and elemental work have always been immersed in her approach to her healing work. You may find your treatment done outside in the garden if you wish and if weather permits.

She received her training as a Fertility Massage Specialist and enjoys being a support to those on their journey to parenthood, alleviating menstruation and endometriosis pain, and women past their moon cycle phase. She is active in moon lodge collaborations for women in her community and enjoys facilitating goddess circles.

About Us
Sophia Khotil LMBT #11428, RMT